Customer Service starts with perspective Customers

Posted by Jimm Mooney on 11/28/2018 to News
Customer Service starts Before a purchase is made, not after. 

The following is a Case in Point:

First, Just for full Clarification about who we are and are not:

We are American Pride USA, LLC ; a privately held LLC registered in Oregon. 
We have gained a strong reputation among our customers of providing quality products at competitive prices, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; see our Terms and Conditions for full disclosure. 

We also do something in the industry that no one else dares to do: On ALL American Pride USA, Branded custom Apparel Products we Guarantee that the 
Design will Not CHIP, CRACK or PEEL.....for the life of the shirt. 
If it does, send us a photo clearly showing the defect and we will replace it free. In 14 years, we have only replaced 5 shirts (and 2 of those were not our fault) and sold hundreds nationwide. 

We provide our contact information on our home page, in both phone and email form to answer any questions or place orders over the phone. 
We also provide a Contact Form on our "Contact US" page for those who prefer that method. 

We can also be reached via Social Media through our American Pride USA Facebook, LinkedIn, Rally Point, Twitter, Google+ pages.

We believe that the more transparent we are in providing multiple streams for contacting us the better is is for you....our customers, if and when you have questions or need to resolve an issue with a purchase, or simply place an order over the phone. 

To be Perfectly CLEAR; WE ARE NOT tied in any way to American Pride Tee or any other American Pride ... Company or Organization.

Apparently, some of these other "American Pride..." companies are difficult to reach to resolve order issues. Some have no email, phone # or social media channels to go to, only a Contact Form, which leaves little or no alternative to resolve any issues that arise. I personally try to stay away from any company that doesn't provide at least one other form of contacting them, not just a Contact Form to fill out and hope you get a response.....for Me, its totally a Trust issue. 

Recently we have had several calls and Social Media inquiries regarding order complaints that involved one or more "American Pride" named company. Thankfully, none of them turned out to be any of our customers, and we were able to help them determine the actual company they needed to connect with. 
Now, At least one of those inquiries is considering us for a custom T-shirt/Hoodie purchase in the future.

So because I took just a few minutes to actually listen to them and talk with them about their challenge, we made one great connection from those "complaints". Simply because I took a little time with them to provide assistance in tracking down who they really needed to get in touch with to hopefully resolve their issue.

Moral of the story here: Be patient and helpful to those who may contact you for something totally unrelated to what you may do. Your Own Customer Service will very often start before the individual or organization actually becomes your customer and actually purchases a product. 
 Anyone you come in contact with, online or in person has the potential of being a "paying" customer, so treat everyone with respect. Being as helpful as you can to those with totally unrelated concerns well outside the "parameters" of your own business could potentially produce some unexpected results. 

Worst case scenario, by simply being courteous to them and providing assistance, if possible, you may have totally brightened up their day. 

Here at American Pride USA, LLC Touching and impacting lives in a positive way far outweighs how many dollars we bring in. Yes, we need to also bring in the dollars to continue to help others and touch more lives.....but a Heartfelt  Reaching Out and Touching of a Life virtually costs us nothing but the rewards are PRICELESS. 

Have a Blessed Day

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