Store update 1/13/17

Posted by Jimm Mooney on 1/13/2018 to News
Well, I thought we were off to a fairly good start over the past couple of weeks. That ended about 4 am this morning when I accidentally deleted all of the products from our store, while testing an upload of some of our patches....all that hard work getting things posted to the store gone in a nano second. So my plans for hitting the hay in the wee hours of the morning got delayed. I just finished getting some of the products back up....12 hours later. Instead of being able to begin this evening uploading some of the Patch line.....I had to try and catch some of other products back up. 

We do have some of the items that move well back up; Caps, Tees, Stickers and Decals (Some of them) and Grill badges. I still have a few hundred of our Military Stickers to get in, but I do have a lot of the Combat Vet things that always do well. 

As a result, of my booboo some of our product launch projections have had to be changed a bit (actually more like a lot). Instead of putting everything back on that was up when it went poof, we will be looking at what typically sells the best and start there. Some things that were already up (Bullet Products and Challenge Coins for example) will be delayed going back up. Instead, I will be focusing on getting ready to move forward with our Patches over the next couple of weeks (we will be listing about 2500 patches). Our focus for the patches will be the Military and Veteran portion...but that is about 80% of the patches that we have lined up to put in the store, so it will still be a challenge to have them all up by Valentines Day. 

I will be putting some time in over the next few weeks between finishing the Sticker line and adding the Patches line. And, between now and then I still have to take a week off this project (starting next Friday) to go work at the ANME Trade Show in Las Vegas at the Rio. if you get a chance, stop by the Eagle Emblems booth and say hi and get a look at the product lines we will be carrying in our Store. 

But, life goes on...and on, and on. We are still very Blessed and look forward to serving our Customers with the same high quality of products and service here that we have over the past 12+ years out in the field.  

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